In this working phase stylists and shoe designers set up the last, make detailed drawings of the upper,  accessories,  heels and  soles and select colors and materials to be used. Once the design phase is over, thanks to a CAD software,  the prototype department produces the first  models for testing purposes.



The  cutting operations of the individual leather parts composing the shoe, can be effected in three different ways: hand cutting by profiles; cutting by punching machine; cutting by using a special CAD software technology. In this phase the leather selection and the cutters ability are essential requirements.



In this phase the individual parts of the upper are assembled together. Depending on the model well over 50 pieces  may be involved before the upper can be done. The principal processing phases in the binding are: the leather evening out, the folding, the lining insertion, the hand sewing or the machine sewing.



Once the upper is ready, production continues on the assembly line. The upper is fixed to the insole and to the last. The shoe is then passed through an oven that dries leather and glue. The next phase are the roughing  and the bonding to the outsole by using special adhesives. The shoe will then threated with a special press machine that ensures perfect matching and assembling between upper and outsole .The heel is fastened to the sole and the shoe is then sent to the finishing phase where the shoe is cleaned and the leather is ironed , polished with special creams and brushed. The final result is an unique pair of shoes.



All the shoes are given one final check. Left and right feet must match perfectly. Only after this thorough final check, the shoes are sent to the shipping department.



Finished shoes are packaged and given to our forwarding agents  for being sent to our Italian and foreign customers.