About us

Rusam Shoe Factory is a family-run company, which has been founded at the end of 60’s. At the beginning it was a modest artisanal workshop, but over the years it has grown up producing shoes for many international and national brands, these last commonly considered icons in the fashion world. Our priority is the quality, since ever, with the aim to obtain a product proudly  representative of  our “Made in Italy”.

A large family

The company staff is made up of about 30 skilled workers highly qualified and selected with care for creating a tight team.

Cutting-Edge Technology

In the working process our team is supported by advanced machinery specialized in producing different products, such  as classic décolletés, boots, and sandals till  the contemporary and must have sneakers for man and woman.

Our mascots

Zeus and Ester will welcome you and guide around our laboratories with “loyal” enthusiasm.