Class at your feet is Rusam’s philosophy.

We thought about a route along which every woman can meet our company.

Have a nice trip

Imaging your perfect shoes...

A perfect pair of shoes is every woman’s dream: shoes that represent her, shoes that talk about her. Letizia starts her journey imaging her boot…dynamic…. Comfortable ….. unique for its sensual look.

This is custom heading element

There are shoes you will never forget, the ones which reflect your romantic side. Letizia “chooses” this décolleté because she wants to be admired in all her beauty and elegance.

A detail...only to let people to look at you!

Beautiful, sensual and colorful, Letizia doesn’t want to go unnoticed. And she doesn’t!

Your unforgettable night!

The right dress and the right night must go with the right shoes. The shoes for special occasions. So Letizia gets out from Rusam’s world having her wish granted…

And now...tour jounery is going to start!

The passion that we of Rusam put in our job is evident in the realization of these masterpieces.
If you have passion for shoes let’s start your journey with us!